Update from Notes for Writers

A change is coming

Hi Writer,

I’m humbled you signed-up to receive a weekly rundown of help for writers. But today I have some bad news. This email is the last Notes for Writers.

If you’ve ever started a business, you know it takes many adjustments to get things right. And there are some tweaks I need to make to grow my practice. Unfortunately, one of those changes is ceasing Notes for Writers. While I want to help my fellow writers, this weekly email isn’t the best use of my time.

Which brings me to the next steps: I’m rolling out a blog and newsletter that supports my practice. If content marketing and freelance writing is your thing, I’d love it if you subscribed. That’s not the newsletter you signed up for, so I’m not going to automatically subscribe you to it. But you can join on my website.

Lastly, let’s stay in touch through social media. The links are below.

Thanks for being there,

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