Notes for Writers for Feb. 21, 2020

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Hi Writer,

Do people ask you how things are going with your writing? It’s been a month of full-time freelancing and it seems every friend and contact asks me how it’s going. Authors probably get asked how their book is coming along. And poets probably wish someone asked about their poetry.

What do you say? After all, success is subjective. A New York Times best-selling author can still be filled with doubt and insecurity. And it’s a law of nature that a freelance writer will never think they’re earning enough money.

That’s why this week’s GIF is inspired by how I respond to the question, “How’s it going?” What do you say when you’re asked about your writing?

Thanks for reading,

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New This Week

Most of my writing’s been on client work (see above, “Fine GIF”), but I did publish a review of Rebecca Makkai’s The Great Believers.

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Great writing advice thread ☝️

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