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Hi There,

Did you watch the Grammy’s? As the nominees for Album of the Year were announced, Billie Eilish mouthed, “Please, don’t be me.” A Gif of the moment is below. I didn’t watch the Grammy’s because I’m the specimen of uncool. (Seriously, while searching for this clip, I misspelled Elish’s name. And not accidentally.)

Anyway, my wish is that you, too, will be successful in your creative endeavors. And when you are, may you be Billie Elish humble.

Have a beautiful weekend, friend,


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Neil Gaiman @neilhimself
Late? You aren't even expected to show up yet. Read this, it will give you some perspective:…

Tyler Jones @ShadowsofAeon

@neilhimself Hello Neil! I've been watching your lectures and I watched your documentary "Dream Dangerously" as well as stumbling upon your Masterclass but I have an important question. I am going to be twenty-eight years old in April isn't it too late to be a writer?

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